SaaS of a new age

SaaS is the ideal solution: instead of developing or buying software, you use online services, anywhere, any time. There are no setup costs and upgrades are painless.

But most SaaS present two common limitations: integration with your applications and adaptation to your policies.

Component Based Solutions developed Quotty to elegantly addresses both issues.

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Born for Integration

Lorem Ipsum Each Quotty solution was conceived and built with integration in mind. Hooks were strategically placed on data sources to allow integration with any external system. Data can be accessed in real time from other applications avoiding the cost and delay to import, export and synchronize it.

Flexible adaptation

The business logic has also been made 100% adaptable. It can be driven by human-readable rules that users can define to customize to fit business policies and procedures. And, as usual, we provide a complete API that you can invoke from other applications to exploit Quotty functionalities and retrieve the data it manages.

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Subscribe online or deploy on your server. Network of local partners to support your specific needs. Fits any budget.


Single-page interface handy as desktop applications. Dynamic menus, selections, pop-up actions, drag and drop, much more.


Privacy assured by SSL. Enterprise level security. All your data always exportable in plain text format.


Avoid to import from (export to) other applications thanks to integration hooks. Configure your own policies with business rules.